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As summer approaches us we start to plan out our activities and decide how we are going to spend our time in the sun. Fairs, Festivals , Concerts Girls night in the town , Amusement parks etc. I don’t know about you but when its time for festivities the last thing I want to do is hang on to a purse the whole time or feel like I am forgetting something because I didn’t bring a purse. Well guess what ? that will not be you this summer because I am about to tell you all the things you will need to be summer ready

 Fanny Pack

Waist bag belly bag bum bag whatever you want to call them was once a hit thing from the 80s down to the 90s and have recently made a come back. And luckily they have, with these bags you have enough room to put your wallet, tickets, phone, portable charger, lip gloss or stick for a little freshening up maybe.

 Lip gloss keychain

Lip gloss seems to love finding its way to the bottom of the bag really fast. Stop  wasting  time rummaging through your bag to get a little glossy with our keychain lip glosses you can have easy access to not only your keys but you gloss as well. Or maybe you have a very common bag and want to switch it up a tad ? clip your lip gloss keychain onto you bag that way it gives it a different look a touch of you look.


Summer is full of shorts Capri pants skirts dresses and a whole lot of leg showing. Why not style it up and add some jewelry ? Catch some attention, anklets became fashionable early 1930s. Quick fun fact some anklets would be on both ankles and connected together to give feminine a short tripping step. Also they are pretty popular in Indian marriages. To me they are almost similar to earrings in the ear, it gives your leg some eye candy.


Hmmm maybe this one should have been first  because who wants to be out in the hot sun all day with no shades ? Not only does the shades shield your eyes from its gives you a better look at the scenery some glasses change the color of the world making everything Pink , Blue etc.

 Mini bags

Big on carrying a bag or purse? looking for something not too big just the right size? Our mini bags are perfect for holding keys, cash, cards earbuds. They give you a sophisticated look with your style they make finding you keys so much easier everything is compact right where you can see it.
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